Esther de Pommery, Countess de Lambrey, is the President and founder of the of the Esther de Pommery Foundation, established in Basel, Switzerland.

Children are at the heart of the Esther de Pommery Foundation. Over tens of millions of dollars worth in toys, medical supplies and life-sustaining goods have been delivered to countries spanning the globe. Support has also been given to over 50 hospitals, orphanages and clinics. Countries who have been blessed through the support of the Foundation include: Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, Israel, USA, Mexico, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Belarus, Croatia, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Liberia, South Africa, Ethiopia, Thailand, Jordan, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Esther de Pommery is an outspoken advocate for woman and children’s rights. She has dedicated her life to defend, protect and improve the lives of the vulnerable and disadvantaged around the world. Using her title and influence in society, Esther committed herself to be “A Voice for the Voiceless” thus creating the Esther de Pommery Foundation. The chief aim of the Foundation is to make a positive difference in the lives of those who are most in need.

Esther was born in Bern, Switzerland and is a descendant by marriage of the name Marquis Berthe de Pommery. King Louis XVI gave Marquis Berthe de Pommery this honorable title in 1775 as gratitude for his services to the crown of France.

The Countess travels around the globe, meeting with world leaders and politicians on behalf of the Esther de Pommery Foundation. Most recently, she has become a UN representative for Human Rights in New York with the New Future Foundation Inc. Esther considers it important to visit with the women and children who are directly impacted by the support of the Foundation. When in Switzerland, she still manages to continue as a practicing obstetrician in a hospital in Basel and is an accomplished professional opera singer.