There are many ways to support Esther de Pommery Foundation, from fundraising challenges and become a “voice of the voiceless” and partner with The Countess and become a voice that touches the very fabric of society.

Esther de Pommery Foundation’s purpose is to provide help, protection and support for people in need; especially vulnerable children and their parents, as well as underprivileged minority groups, regardless of their religious, ethnic or political identities. In the pursuit of these ends the Foundation acquires gifts in kind and cash donations. Our partners make a huge contribution to the lives of so many. The Foundation is a unique partner that works closely to tailor lasting partnerships that deliver impressive results.

• Acquisition of material and monetary donations that are sent to recipients, compliant with the Foundation mission.
• Production of events whose net income is used for the Foundation's purposes.
• Conducts public relations and education information events,
• Cooperation and coordinating activities with like-minded organizations.
• Support of the Foundation's goals through its connections with politicians and other prominent persons.